Past Events:

Betye Saar & Angela Robinson Witherspoon

Lauded artist Betye Saar who is currently the 93 year old “over night sensation “ who has had recent shows past, current and upcoming at the PRADA, MOMA, LACMA, THE BROAD, and ICA simply keeps working and enjoys the praise with grace and humor.

 And..Angela Robinson Witherspoon, wife of the late John Witherspoon an actress, filmmaker and entrepreneur who is currently making a documentary on Betye and has followed her for several years…

Came to the Corentyne Cottage House for a fast, oh so fast weekend visit. We still managed to pack a weekend of cuisine and and antiquing in a mere 48 hours.  Both were in need of RnR so we kept things in house and easy. Chef Frank created with the help of Big Mike from NCIS, actually his wife SONIA  made the amazing GUMBO! and Chef Michael the jerk chicken  supplemented with pies, roasted vegetables, seafood pasta, sautéed spinach , and on and on  a Louisiana feast bursting with flavor which opened conversations on almost everything art.  

The joy of watching a veteran artist speaking with both young and mid-career artists was one of the great pleasures of the evening.  Thank you Betye Saar and Angela Robinson Witherspoon for gracing The Cottage.

Prizm Art Show (Miami, FL)

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Prizm Art Show Gallery


The Corentyne Cottage House opened its doors with a group of artists from the Motherland and her diaspora.  CUTTING TIES AND MENDING FENCES is a study of contemporary life by artists whose practice constitute the tip of a wealth of concepts and narratives being created today. Turning their inner eye to the conditions, fantasies and mendacities of our current state of affairs. We have the opportunity to discuss with the guidance of curator Khalifa Dieng (Senegal) what current trends are happening in West Africa.  Including the return of portraits and the painterly approach.  

The Corentyne Cottage House, an art salon in its most casual of iterations hopes to share a curiosity in art, literature, music and cuisine when possible.

 There will be films, art books and the occasional Caribbean meal helmed by Chef Frank Roman.  Stay tuned for what follows…..

Lets Talk Great Art!